All time high

Here is our long time promised ”All time high” list for those of us that has paddled gold – that is, more than 180 km, in 24 hours.
Piotr and Jacob has 3, Johannes, Kazimierz and me 2 while the rest 1 gold patch each. And if we look at the countries: Poland 8, Sweden 7, Finland 2 and Denmark and Norway 1 each. A total of 20 (one K2).

Piotr Rosada POL 212640 m K1 2015
Jacob Fröslee Jonsson SWE 212445 m K1 2015
Johannes Hietala FIN 211140 m K1 2014
Piotr Rosada POL 205530 m K1 2013
Artur Sumara, Tomasz Sumara POL 205335 m K2 2014
Kazimierz Rabiński POL 203280 m K1 2014
Johannes Hietala FIN 201445 m K1 2015
Jacob Fröslee Jonsson SWE 199725 m K1 2013
Urban Wedberg SWE 193265 m K1 2011
Johan Linder SWE 193170 m K1 2012
Kazimierz Rabinski POL 186060 m K1 2013
Morten Salomonsen DEN 186060 m K1 2015
Piotr Rosada POL 185310 m K1 2014
Ulf Johansson SWE 183450 m K1 2013
Ulf Johansson SWE 182700 m K1 2015
Sam Houlder NOR 182310 m K1 2014
Michał ”Milimetr” Bąk POL 181005 m K1 2014
Jacob Fröslee Jonsson SWE 180450 m K1 2011
Miłosz Michalski POL 180255 m K1 2015

M24KC 2016 open for entry

9:00 Saturday may 28 to Sunday 09:00.

The toughest race you ever entered or the most cosy paddle you’ve ever imagined. Enter this years around the clock kayak competition. With kayakers entering from all over europe we are inviting extreme athletes and calm sunset paddlers alike, to join in a fun and harsh adventure on the waterways of Malmö.

Just send us basic information: K1 or K2 or whatever – as long as it is driven by paddle or oar you will be very welcome. Name – obviously! And your city+country or name of club.

Use Anmälan in the menu to the left or write Ulf Johansson ulf[at]

Yours sincerely

Ulf & Jacob on behalf of all volunteers and MKK Malmö Kayak & Canoe Club

Resultat M24KC 2015


Så var årets 24-timmarspaddling över! Det blev som vanligt en mycket lyckad tävling med ännu fler rekord än förra året – Piotr Rosada vann på nya rekordsträckan 212,64 km, 195 m före Jacob Fröslee Jonsson! Här hittar du alla siffrorna!

Vi vill som vanligt passa på att tacka alla medverkande – både tävlande och supportteam – för allt!
På återseende nästa år..!

Jacob & Ulf